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In recent three years, our company has undertaken 3 projects with state-level, 2 projects with national torch plan, 30 projects with municipal-level, obtained 2 items of provincial scientific and technological progress awards, 2 items of city scientific and technology progress awards, 9 items of county scientific and technology progress awards. We declare 35 items patents, including 15 items invention patent; 32 items licensed patents, including 13 items invention patent. At present, our company owns 85 items valid patents, including 23 items patents.

Main research achievements in recent years:

1、1E class MV switchgear, LV switchgear and transformer;

2、Prefabricated wind power PV substation and compact wind power PV substation;

3、Tower drum type SF6 switchgear special used in wind power plant;

4、126KV prefabricated removable vehicle-mounted substation used for in disaster and special emergency;

5、Series products of 20kV electric network transformer;

6、126kV, 252kV SF6 composite apparatus(GIS);

7、252kV tank type SF6 circuit breaker;

8、Amorphous alloy transformer;

9、Intelligent transformer;

10、SF6 gas insulated transformer;

11、252kV transformer;

12、HXGT10-40.5 type SF6 switchgear special used in urban railway system(C-GIS);

13、Intelligent LV switchgear;

14、Integrated automatic system of substation;

15、TA-PD1000 intelligent power distribution automatic system ;

16、TA1000 electric automatic supervisory control system special used in power station;

17、TA APF active power filter;

18、TA SVG static synchronous compensator;

19、Permanent magnet compound motor