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In 1999, Shanghai Tianfeng Industrial Co.,Ltd is founded by Tianan Group in Shanghai. After importing PE-Xb production line and patented technology from the most well-known pipe-line equipment company Nokia-Maillefer in 1999, We can produce high quality PE-Xb series pipe with special materials for polyethylene pipes produced from famous BASF company in German and cross-linking agent from silicane of GE. PE-Xb pipe with the brand of “Tianan” has passed a series of strict performance test of national chemical building test centre and Shanghai quality inspection station, the results satisfied stern German DIN16892/3. It has 90 years endurance of thermal-oxygen resistant and passed the most strict heat resistance stability test (10000 hours). To meet increasing demands of customers, company put into a large investment to expand production scale by adding another PE-Xb production line. its auto-weighing and pre-blend system are produced by the well-known INOEX company in German. The whole process is fully controlled by microcomputer software for the balance of extrusion output and precise of formula, which provides a solid foundation for high performance of pipes.

Tianfen Co., Ltd. participated in the organization of NATIONAL STANDARD OF PEX PIPES except passing ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environment management system certification. Compared with companies produced the same product, we owned the most advanced and complete checkout equipment of pipes, which are essential for good pipes performance. Now our checkout centre is on the road to state-level pipe checkout centre, based on the above, “Tianan” pipe has become an outstanding company together with warmth service and considerate after-sale.

“Tianan” expertise in economic, equipment and technology helps us become one of famous pipe manufacturer in China, which translates high quality products and reduced costs.

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