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Ningbo Tianan (Group) Co., Ltd. 


Ningbo Tianan (Group) Co.,Ltd, founded in 1969, is the largest subsidiary company of Tianan Electric. It has become one of the most influential enterprises of the industry with 2500 employees.

Since founded, Tianan achieved its steady growth and development. In 1976, Tianan entered into electric component manufacturing industry, and established Xiangshan High Voltage Apparatus Factory in 1982, started the professional development track of electrical products.  In 1994, Tianan became a joint-stock system corporation through reorganization, and strived for the higher target of international group enterprise. In the year of 2005, Tianan competitiveness ranked 225 among the Top 500 of China. From 2011, the company extended in five key industries: HV appliance, renewable energy sources, smart grid equipment, rail transit appliance, magnetic gear and etc.

Enterprise insists of self-dependent innovation, more 5 percent sales amount is putted into R&D fund each year. Now, many products have arrived international advanced level, such as pre-fabricated substation, ring main switchgear, load switch, switch for wind power and smart grid system.

Enterprise is the chief member of developing national standards about power transmission and distribution products. The ISO9001 quality guarantee system, the ISO14001 environment management system and the OHSAS18001 occupation healthy safety control system through the national authentication, "CCC","PICC" authentication certificate, which Tianan obtained comparatively early.

The products cover all over the country and abroad five continental countries. Especially, our products applied to the Shenzhou V, Shenzhou VI, Shenzhou VII manned spacecraft and the construction of Qinghai-Tibet railway. The practice has proved Tianan’s products have the outstanding performance that can withstand the test of bad environment. the company owns abundant technical development strength, the international first-class production and test equipments, efficient and flexible management mechanism, a great number of outstanding professional talents. "Quality is personality" is our concept. It has sufficient quality management system and quality assurance, all over the world's sales service network. All the above constructs excellent resources support system for customers. Now the products include 126kV GIS combination apparatus, SF6 circuit breaker, 126kV&252kV power transformer, 252kV and below 252kV outdoor HV disconnecting switch and transformer, box-type substation below 40.5kV, ring main unit switchgear, mid-mount switchgear, fixed switchgear, GIS , L.V. switchgear, frequency conversion switchgear, H.V. load switch, H.V.&L.V. circuit breaker, cable (RMU)branch box, fuse, current transformer (CT), dry-type & oil-immersed transformers, high-voltage inverter speed regulation device, high-voltage static reactive power generator, active power filter, intelligent electric equipments, etc. the products are widely used in nuclear power plant, chemical plant, railway, underground, airport, national defense , Beijing Olympics and main national, provincial and municipal construction projects.

Subsidiary companies are as follows:

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      ► Ninghai Tianan Special Transformer Co., Ltd.

      ► Ningbo Tianan Smart Grid Soft R&D Co., Ltd.

      ► Ningbo Tianan Smart Grid Engineering &Technology Co., Ltd.

      ►  Ningbo Tianan Transformer Co., Ltd.

      ►  Tianan Electric Group Zhejiang Electric Co., Ltd.

      ►  Ningbo Tianan Import & Export Co., Ltd.