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Ningbo Tianan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.


Ningbo Tianan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., founded by Tianan Group in December,2003, mainly deals in real estate development, sometimes in sale of real estate. Since inception, company has been regarding “constructing high quality community, leading the trend of residence” as manage idea and market positioning, and carring out the management aim of “management creates the brand, the brand promotes company development, integrity wins customers” and quality policy of “Excellence, Perfect”.

With the goal of one of the most competitive real estate company, Company is always holding the guiding ideology of “development is the absolute principle” to strive and innovate with advanced development idea, rich experience and faithful management. Now we are devoting ourselves into improve residence condition and city environment for Xiangshan.

Name: Ningbo Tianan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 1288 Danyang Road, Dandong Street, Xiangshan, Zhejiang

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