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Tianan electroplate factory achieves double-effect by energy conservation and emission reduction

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      The water consumption is reduced from 1900t to 1270t, saving 23700 yuan; the comprehensive waste water is discharged by reuse device after purification treatment, realizing secondary cyclic utilization. Above is double-effect achieved through controlling energy of water, electricity and steam.

       Recently, the state continues to strengthen environmental protection efforts, and requests enterprises to discharge waste water reaching the standard. The environmental protection agency carries out discharge by swiping card, once exceeds volume, close gate to limit discharge by itself, and increase the cost of enterprise waste water society treatment. To reduce production and pollution discharge cost, improving economic performance, Tianan electroplate factory started to establish and perfected energy management system since last October, opening the source and regulating the flow. They carried out diagnostic investigation about the condition of energy use on each production line, and established energy management staff for controlling the energy use every day, recording on the wall and urging staves to develop energy saving consciousness. This factory set up energy use index in every team, and checks every month, advocating rewarding excellence and punishing inferior. The waste occurs in everywhere, such as turn up tap in toilet, release total water in tank. This factory installed self-closing valve caging device at water source, avoiding water resource waste by itself, and let the water reasonable use.

        Now, these methods make the factory good, and the staves becomes saving. According to the statistical result of last December, the water consumption is reduced from 1900t/month to 1270t/month, saving more than 23700 yuan per month. This year in January, the water consumption of this factory is 1325t because of a few processing volume, and in February only is 595t though overtime every day, and the water-saving effect becoming more and more apparent.

       On the other hand, carry out energy conservation and emission reduction also perform the social responsibility of enterprise to environment. Galvanization waste water contains harmful ingredient and heavy metal of oil, copper, cyanogens and lead, and before this factory may discharge it to sewage treatment plant to treat directly, and now build waste water reuse device, the waste water will be cleaned in it, then carry out secondary cyclic utilization, and then discharge to city net waiting for secondary purification. Like this, reduce toxic and harmful substance. This is a conscious action for enterprise.