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Tianan opening and scene house sales center grand opening today

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       By the Tian An Group developed residential district government and King opened around the corner, October 16 , sales center is open cum press conference was held.

       Breeze slowly , osmanthus fragrance. 10:00 Xu, the northern gate of the former company sales center arch and King House was hung , guests at the door , fluttering flags, Lion red carpet , decorate the school is booming , the festive atmosphere. General Manager Tian An Group Jiangshan Wen delivered a speech , and all the leaders of the parties to come to the guests a warm welcome thanks to everyone for their continued support of the Cheonan, enthusiasm and concern. He said the government and King Tian An Group to develop the project is the first residential project , as the first of the work , the company based in the local community , beyond the concept of local development , with 40 years of brand heritage , the effort to build high- quality living community Humanities , trying to provide a warm Xiangshan peoples and harmonious living environment. It marks the completion of the construction companies continue to broaden the depth of field to achieve critical success and a variety of cross-sectoral development started operations .
       In the deafening sound of firecrackers , the general manager of Jiangshan Wen and King House sales personally inaugurated the exhibition center .
       After the ceremony, leaders and guests walked into the exhibition center residential building model watch , listen to the sales staff in detail, not when asked about the situation .
       Next, press conference held at the company's third center. Jiang , general manager of the today Xiangshan county television , Xiangshan website , Xiangshan online and other media personnel announced the construction companies involved in the field of real estate impetus for the development of enterprises and the significance of the real estate company manager Hanzhen Fu Tian highlighted the government building construction and landscape style, type design , etc., and answered the reporters about the Cheonan cross- development advantages , the development of real estate , and other aspects of the landscape aspects of the highlights of questions.
       And King government buildings and landscape, Landscape Architectural Design Institute of Zhejiang University Branch designed by Architectural Design Institute of Zhejiang University , respectively . The second generation of residential building high-rise apartments Greentown learn advanced techniques to create , based on European classical architectural style , all using stone hanging facade , the overall layout grand atmosphere. Pan garden district cloth living room , more than 300 meters long cross landscape spindle , over 7,000 square feet of large central garden. Layout design is the result of heavy scrutiny developers and design teams grind out repeatedly modified , the area is about 85-155 square meters, sufficient to meet the housing needs of different cities in the high-end crowd . Community also has an area over 11,000 square meters , has a powerful and advanced educational philosophy faculty community 18 classes provincial kindergarten.
       After years of effort to build a building , Cheonan - and King House will be opened by the end of November this year, brilliant .