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Tian An Electric Group held beam pumping unit to promote energy-saving technologies will

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        March 20 , Cheonan Electric Group held beam pumping unit energy saving technology promotion, from the Daqing Oilfield, Changqing Oilfield , motor manufacturers and product distributors and county leaders more than 40 people were invited to visit the site . The meeting was chaired by the Minister of Development, Tian Lin Xiangsheng Electric Group .

       Vice-Chairman of the Board of Cheonan Electric Group , the company responsible for the preparation of magnetic gear who蒋善武said in welcoming the successful operation of the permanent magnet motor complex in Daqing Oilfield has been four months , to promote this new achievement opens the way open the bright future of our long-term cooperation with pumping customers. Magnetic Transmission Company Institute President Jiang Jianzhong briefed the guests on the complex study of permanent magnet motor in the international arena as well as in the development and practical application of the Cheonan . Magnetic gear to build the company's technology to do the main任龚宇binding assays and structural details as we contrast the different characteristics demonstrated significant differences in performance of traditional motors with direct drive machines and illustrates the permanent magnet motor with small size, large torque , high efficiency , environmental protection and other notable features .
       Daqing Oil Field Engineer辛舒臻from witnesses and witnesses angle , objective description as the first permanent magnet motor Cheonan test base product since last October 28 in Daqing good run so far , only noise , standing 100 meters away test two adjacent to the old machine station , barely audible voice composite permanent magnet motor , which is a challenge to traditional motor.
       Participants to the workshop also observe the appearance of the structure and operation of state of permanent magnet motor , we exchange views with each other from time to time , and to the presence of experts and technical personnel questions , showing interest. In group discussions and exchange in the afternoon , everyone in the successful development of the Cheonan permanent magnet motor complex congratulated the same time, the company hopes to further optimize and improve products , reduce costs and reasonable pricing , devoted to the experts, technical staff a lot of effort the final results of the new technology to market .
       The promotion will be held , marking the permanent magnet motor to achieve successful development of composite applications for future bulk products used in oil fields show the effect of energy conservation has very important significance .